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Energy and Climate

The Energy et Climate focus area helps business engage with policy-markers to influence the debate on energy and climate change in a positive, knowledgeable, and responsible manner. 

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The Development Focus Area to catalayze a mind-set shift for doing business with low-income populations in developing countries by raising awarensess of what business can do through its core business activities and by advocating for improvements in framework conditions, highlighting key barriers to private sector grownth.

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The Ecosystems Focus Area addresses busines risks and opportunities associated with accelerating ecosystem degradation and the sustainable management and use ecosystem services.

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Business Role

The Business Role Focus Area seeks to mobilize business to shape and demostrate its role in creating a sustainable society by exploring issues, influencing decisions and implementing solucions. This includes Implementing Sustainable Development activities that help member companies and the WBCSD´s Regional Network implement sustainable development policies and practices.

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